How to Download and Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp

Not just Youtube is the only video sharing or video host platform, Facebook is giving a tough time to it. Inspite the fact that Facebook is a communication hub still the number of videos uploaded daily is increasing. Youtube is leading from Facebook in just a quantity of videos. More than 80% of the videos shared on Facebook are native. Only a few of them are shared from Youtube. There is a drawback of Facebook which every user note. Sharing videos from Facebook to other networks such a WhatsApp is difficult. There is no direct sharing only way left for you is to copy and paste the video URL. Today we are here with an easy way to download and share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp in an easy way.

Download and share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp

There are two guides written by us. The first guide will acknowledge users how to download and share web Facebook videos to WhatsApp on PC. The second procedure will guide users on how to download and share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp in Android. That’s a strange thing WhatsApp is owned by Facebook now. And, Facebook didn’t bother to add a direct Whatsapp button to share videos from Facebook.

Share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on PC (Web to Web)

  1. Sharing videos from the Facebook web to WhatsApp on PC is really easy. Follow the below steps to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp for PC.
  2. Open whatsApp account at in new tab. Scan the QR code through your WhatsApp Android for Login.
  3. Now navigate to the Facebook tab. Copy the video URL (click on the Show video URL and copy it).
  4. Now move to WhatsApp Web. Open the chat and paste the URL here.
  5. Click on the send button and hence your videos are shared.

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Download Videos from Facebook website

  • You can download facebook videos on PC without downloading any software.
  • Copy the URL of that video which you want to download
  • Open the website in a new tab.
  • Paste the URL at Savefrom custom URL search Bar.
  • Let the website auto pick the video.
  • Click on Download button and your Facebook video will be on PC in a while.

How to download Facebook Videos on Android

>> 1) This is so simple and easy. This procedure is applicable to both rooted and non-rooted Android device. You just need to download an app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

>> 2) Install FB Video Download Free app on your Android device.

>> 3) Launch the app and enter your Facebook account details.

>> 4) Now when you will tap on any video instead of playing video, you will get three options. Watch, Download, and Cancel.

>> 5) Tap on the Download button and it will get downloaded in your device. Now you can share it on WhatsApp easily.

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